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We love when we have the opportunity to talk with people in person about our cork yoga mats. Inevitably the question on everyone’s mind is, what makes your mat better and why cork?

Cork is truly an amazing material. Its 100% natural, 100% recyclable, and 100% renewable. The raw material comes from a cork oak tree. The cork is harvested during the growing period from May through August. It typically takes about 25 years for the tree to be large enough to start being harvested. The tree’s life span for harvesting is about 150 years.

Cork is water resistant and anti-microbial. A cork yoga mat is great for use in sweaty yoga classes because it’s not going to get moldy or stinky. This amazing material does not absorb dust or mites or other microbes. Cork is also super wear-resistant due its elasticity and cool honeycomb-like cellular structure. Because of this, cork returns to its original shape and helps absorb shocks while in use. Another fabulous feature is cork is great at decreasing pressure on feet, legs, joints and backs.

Because of all these amazing features of cork, we realized what an ideal product it is for a yoga mat. Thus the cork yoga mat. The cork absorbs what it needs to – gets grippier when wet so you aren’t slipping around, but doesn’t hold on to dirt or other icky things that could make you sick. Of course, we still recommend you clean your mat. Our favorite way to clean it is with Mantratology, of course, but any natural, non-alcohol based cleaner will also work great.

The second and equally important part of our MantraMat yoga mat is the natural rubber. This raw material comes from the rubber tree sap. It’s tapped like a maple for syrup, and the sap is collected. The rubber is then made into usable material. Rubber is naturally elastic and has great cushion. This is supportive for feet, legs, joints and provides for great stability in a yoga mat.

These amazing qualities made the decision to create our MantraMat with a cork layer and a natural rubber layer super easy.

  • This gives us a yoga mat that works for those who like to do outdoor yoga and want a mat that will give them great grip and not get ruined in the grass or sand.
  • It gives us a yoga mat that is amazing for hot yoga or Bikram yoga fans because its anti-microbial and gets grippier when you’re sweating.
  • Its also amazing for yogis who need extra support for joints or who might have some arthritis or other achey joints.
  • The MantraMat is also great for acro yoga since it gives a great stability base.
  • Don’t want a yoga mat made out of a petroleum product or PVC? Try cork and natural rubber.


Updated October 2021.

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