What Makes MantraMat Yoga Mats Different

“Only with a solid foundation can you grow to your potential heights”

With all of our MantraMat yoga mats we bring this philosophy to life. Mantra Dog has thoughtfully sourced the finest natural materials to provide you with a solid foundation for your yoga practice, exercise, and beyond.

MantraMat Natural Cork Yoga Mat

The Foundation

We use a generous amount of flexible and pliable Natural Rubber as the foundation for our cork MantraMat yoga mats. At 5MM thick our cork yoga mats have just enough give for your joints but are firm enough for the base of any inversion or standing pose.

The Top Layer

We chose cork for a number of reasons for our MantraMat yoga mats. The cork bark can be harvested every 10 years or so and grows back, thus is sustainably harvested. Cork is naturally antimicrobial, meaning it resists the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. The structure of cork provides a flexible, cushioned material. It has an open cell structure with micro air pockets that makes it spongy. Cork grain can be fine powder to large chips and how tightly its compacted can affect its durability and flexibility. Our Yoga mat is made with cork grain that is as tight as we can get for the longest lasting and most flexible cork top layer. The type of cork that we use keeps our yoga mats smooth and comfortable while maintaining a great grip. We have product tested though heat, cold, sand, tires, and more to ensure our product won’t crack and will stay flexible through all of your yoga practices.

Your Mantra

Your MantraMat is then individualized with your personal Mantra to help you stay connected and grounded through your yoga practice and long afterwards.

Get your Natural Cork MantraMat Yoga Mat personalized today, click here to order yours now!

Quality is everyone’s responsibility.
–W. Edwards Deming

MantraMat Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

The Foundation

Our Rubber MantraMat yoga mats are made with premium Natural Rubber. We chose natural rubber because it is a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice with the added benefit of not containing harmful toxins that could cause unintended harm. At 3MM thick our rubber yoga mats are thinner and lighter than our Natural Cork Yoga Mat but still have enough cushion to support your joints and firm enough for the base of any inversion or standing pose. The Natural Rubber MantraMat is fantastic to travel with because its easily folded into luggage and weighs less than 5 lbs.

The Top Layer

Natural Rubber has built in gripping super powers. We add to that by finishing the top of our Natural Rubber MantraMat Yoga Mats with Mantra Dog’s special “gripping dots”.

Get your Natural Rubber MantraMat Yoga Mat today, click here to order yours now!

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