What’s the Best Yoga Mat Cleaner?

Prolong The Life Of Your Yoga Mat

I know, I know, Savasana is done, you roll up your yoga mat, stick it in the car, most likely the trunk and head home. You go about the rest of your day or evening or whatever. And then a day, a week (or whatever – no judging) goes by, you grab that Yoga mat (let’s face it, its probably still in the trunk of your car) and head to class ready to jump back on it. The last thing you’ve thought of is Yoga Mat Cleaner.

Sound familiar? Its all of us. I know. I don’t want to gross you out, but you sweat on that mat. Or that guy beside you in hot yoga turned and got his sweat on your mat. Yuck. Yuckity Yuck.

You gotta clean that thing. But what do you clean it with? I mean, you’ve tried some yoga mat cleaners and they have tons of chemicals or they said they’d clean the mat but the mat started falling apart. What should you do?

I’m here for you. When you are looking at yoga mat cleaner, looks for brands or types that are natural and don’t contain a ton of chemicals. You are doing yoga and trying to rid yourself of bad stuff for goodness sakes. Also, avoid cleaners that use an alcohol base. This will cause deterioration of rubber and particularly yoga mat materials like PVC and such.

So what should you use? It doesn’t have to be fancy. We have created our own proprietary blend in Mantratology using simple ingredients. Essential oil, witch hazel & distilled water.

Essential oils are amazing. Not only do they smell awesome, they have different properties that can relax you or energize you or be cleansing. In our blends we always include Tea Tree essential oil. Tea Tree is anti-viral and anti-fungal so its a great addition to a yoga mat cleanser.

Bottom line friends, make your own yoga mat cleaner, buy our Mantratology Yoga Mat Cleaner, find a cleaner you love that is good for you and the mat, most most of all – Clean your mat. Do it weekly – and maybe more frequently in cold and flu season if you practice more than once a week. It really will help prolong the life of your mat. And my favorite part of cleaning my mat – because I use Mantratology – my mat smells amazing when I get close to it. How many people can say that?

Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to clean your yoga mat.

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