Our Mantra

Love of yoga, Loyalty to our people, Service to the world.

At Mantra Dog, we work every day to live by our mantra.

Love of Yoga

We love yoga and each of us have our own Yoga practice that we do regularly. Yoga resides in our heart as a way to a life of mindfulness and love. Yoga has become an important part of our lives as has learning to live with intention, and using a mantra to support that goal. That’s why we want you to be able to bring that same focus and intention to your practice. We believe by personalizing your mat with your own mantra you manifest the opportunity to go deeper into your practice and further your life goals.

Loyalty to our People

We are loyal to you, our Mantra Dog Family. Our mission is to support each of our tribe members as well as our entire family to live the life you want. We want to inspire you to live with intention. We found gear that allows you to take your mantra and meditation practice on the go via mats, bracelets, t-shirts and more.

Service to the World

Service is integral to our core. Giving has always been a natural part of who we are. Mantra Dog gives back a portion of our proceeds to support organizations working to make the world a better place – for people, plants, animals, and the environment. 

We hope you create a life you love and live by your mantra. What’s your Mantra?

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