What’s The Story With Meditation And Mantras

Live Better, Live Longer, and Gain Perspective in 6 just seconds with Meditation!

Mantra and Meditation do not need to go together nor are they mutually exclusive. Each can be used without the other and each can be used together as well. For this blog we are going to focus on Meditation and a later blog will focus on mantras.

I think the most import aspects of meditation are gaining perspective and acceptance. Perspective changes according to who you are and what situation you are in, it also shapes your reality. Acceptance goes hand in hand with gaining perspective and does not need much explanation – accept who you are, what you are capable of, the situation that you are in etc. If you can change your situation – great! If not – accept it! With acceptance, perspective WILL change and life will improve. That is a guarantee you can take to the bank.

The beauty of meditation – real meditation – is that aside from giving you perspective and helping with acceptance, meditation can be done anywhere, anytime, and for whatever length of time you have available. Meditation will also center you, keep you mindful, make you healthier, and you will longer as well. As with most skills (yes meditation is a skill) a structured meditation practice is far better than just willy nillying it, however you can meditate anywhere and for any length of time.
A structured meditation practice is more preferable than willy nillying it. With a structured meditation practice you will also get longer and better benefits from it. A meditation practice is one where you pick a certain time of day (my favorite is morning, what’s yours?), preferably every day but do your best (see below for not “shoulding” yourself to death) and a certain amount of time (usually from 1 minute to 20 minutes but do what is comfortable to you) and just be with yourself and your thoughts. Oh, and accept things as they come…and go.
One of most important part of your meditation practice is don’t “should” yourself to death (I “should” have meditated yesterday, I “should” have meditated longer, I “should” have meditated better, etc.) ALL meditation and attempts at meditation are part of the process and journey and lead you to become a proficient meditator (hence – acceptance).

Remember, meditation is a skill, and skills take time to build – you will become better the more you practice it, and it is ok to fail and make mistakes along the way (hint hint accept where you are in the journey to proficient meditator). Acceptance is also a skill. The more you learn to accept things you cannot change the easier it will become. Please note – I am not advocating for laziness or complacency, if you can change something that you don’t like – change it! What I am advocating for is accepting the things that you cannot change or accepting how long it takes to change something you don’t like (you can’t lose 20 pounds in a day, but you ca start today on the journey to losing 20 pounds) and honoring the journey along the way.

Any other meditation that is non structured is just that – non structured meditation. It can be for 6 seconds (see below for the secret of living longer and happier) or however long you have. It can be while sitting quietly, running, doing yoga, or even talking to a friend. If during an activity it is a meditative activity and is just about being present (see another post on actively listening). If it is alone – quiet or noisy – it is about just sitting with your thoughts and “being” (and accepting of course).

A key component to any meditation that you do by yourself is relaxing (this is hard to do while running or talking to a friend but you can take the concept and apply it in some function while doing those activities). Close your eyes, start at the top of your head and work your way down your body willing each part of yourself to relax. This can be as simple as “Head – Relax, Neck – Relax” or as complex as “I am now relaxing the top of my head, I am now relaxing the front of my head, etc.” all the way down your body – focus on as many or as little body parts you want. Take more time for “troubled” body parts if you wish. As soon as you finish relaxing (it is OK if you fall asleep or lose track or focus – just start where you left off or start again) just be – listen to the sounds around you, tune in to your thoughts, allow your thoughts to be released and flow down the stream, whatever “just being” means to you – JUST BE!

Now the moment you have all been waiting for – How can I live longer and be happier in just 6 seconds? It is basically a mediation/relaxation/acceptance/gain perspective technique that works in 6 seconds. Here it goes – Take a DEEP breath and while you do imagine that all of the light and energy is flowing into you. At the top of your DEEP breath pause for a moment. As you let all of the air out SLOWLY imagine that all of the bad is leaving your body and as you do go down your body from head to toe and relax. At the bottom of your exhale pause and listen…tune in to the sounds around you – then resume whatever you were doing and enjoy the long lasting happiness benefits. Again, this takes some practice but it is well worth it and I guarantee it will improve your life (money back).

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