What is a Mantra?

That’s a good question! As Google would define it:


a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

a statement or slogan repeated frequently.

In layperson terms, a Mantra is a word or phrase that when thought of or repeated can achieve many positive changes and create, among other things, a level of mindfulness. Mantra’s can take us deeper, help us achieve that ever elusive “flow” state, or center us and help us relax in the moment and be present.

How do you choose a mantra?

The most important aspect of choosing your Mantra is that it should be personal and meaningful to you. Creating a Mantra can be a very quick exercise or a lifelong process. Mantras can and usually do change depending on where you are in your life and what is important to you on this leg of your journey. We urge you to have fun with finding your Mantra and discover parts of yourself that you have never known before.

Still need some Mantra guidance or direction? We understand. Here’s some of our favorite Mantras:

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