Lisa Rogerson

I took up yoga about 20 years ago and have practiced on and off since. In recent years, it has become a more frequent need. It helps calm my crazy “go a million directions” brain. When Avi told me about MantraDog I jumped at the chance to work with Avi on creating MantraDog. Incorporate what I know how to do, with what I love, yes, please! My years of working in marketing at large fortune 200 companies down to small businesses and in the agency world are coming in handy here at MantraDog! As many of us do, I think of my life as a journey and in this journey I have searched for how I can personally to contribute to the world. I believe helping educate on how to live a more healthy, holistic lifestyle is part of it. MantraDog is an expression of that contribution to the world. Our company mantra is so meaningful to me. Love of Yoga, Loyalty to our People, and Service to the World.

As for my personal Mantra, I am pretty sure the lesson to learn in this lifetime is to be in the moment. Presence is a constant theme for me.

My MantraMat says: Be Present. Be Real. Be Kind.
Lisa Rogerson


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