How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

Best Practices For Cleaning Any Yoga Mat

So you’ve heard that you should clean your yoga mat, but you’re not exactly sure what that really means? Here are step-by-step instructions for how to clean your yoga mat.

  1. Unroll your yoga mat fully
  2. If your yoga mat is wet from a sweaty hot yoga practice you are going to want to dry it off a little first. If it is just damp it is ready to be cleaned.
  3. Spray down with a Natural Yoga Mat cleaner – we are biased and love our Mantratology yoga mat cleaner because its safe for almost all mat types (link for Mantratology). Its made with all natural ingredients and essential oils. It smells amazing!
  4. If you do not have a yoga mat cleaner you can use water but it will not be as antimicrobial or effective at cleaning your mat.
  5. When choosing a Yoga Mat cleaner, try to find an all natural one made with only essential oils and other natural ingredients. If you use a harsh chemical or un-natural yoga mat cleaner the next time you practice yoga you will be heavily breathing in all of the toxins that were left on your mat from the cleaner and that can negatively affect your health and your practice. Wipe down your yoga mat with any clean absorbent towel or cloth.
  6. Once you’ve sprayed your yoga mat down, allow it to air dry fully before rolling it up again. If you are leaving a yoga class either wait until you get home to clean your yoga mat or clean it at the yoga class and when you get home unroll your yoga mat and allow it to completely air dry. You can always take a soft towel or cloth and wipe it dry as well if you are short on time.
  7. Roll up your yoga mat – always roll your yoga mat with the top facing out – and look forward to coming back to your yoga mat to practice again.
  8. Ideally you should clean your yoga mat after every time you use it. This will help maintain the integrity of the material and help your mat last longer.

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