What are MantraMat Yoga Mats made of?

We have 2 different styles – Our Natural Cork MantraMat Yoga Mat is made of Natural Cork on top and Natural Rubber on the bottom

What makes MantraMats eco friendly?

All of our products are made from eco responsible materials and as eco friendly fashion as possible.

How secure is shopping at Mantra Dog? Is my data protected?

MantraDog.com uses SSL (secure socket layer) to encrypt private data communications between your browser and our web server. This measure encrypts and protects sensitive data being transferred from your computer to our store, making transactions safe and secure.

Is my information ever sold or shared?

We at MantraDog will never sell or share your information. We treat your privacy like we want ours to be treated.

How long will it take for me to get my yoga mat?

All MantraDog Yoga mats are hand personalized and packaged. Usually your mat will be personalized and packaged within 24-72 hours after you order it (depends on our work load and other factors). Shipping will vary on where you are located but you should receive your yoga mat within 2-6 days after we ship it.
Simple Answer 3-9 days after you order it.

We want you to have your new personalized yoga mat as soon as you can have it after you order it.

Where does Mantra Dog ship to? *
We at Mantra Dog will ship to all 50 states of the United States, Canada, and the US Territories.
* Shipping to the lower 48 states is free on all orders over $20 USD.
What is Mantra Dog’s return policy?
Please see our Return Policy here.
What is Mantra Dog’s Guarantee?

Please see our Guarantee here.

How do I care for my MantraMat or MantraBlock?
In order for the natural cork yoga mat and natural rubber yoga mat to stay as fresh and grippy as possible we suggest for you to lightly spray and wipe down after every yoga practice with Mantratology Cleaning Mist. When not using the mat keep it rolled up with the top of the mat facing out.
What if my new yoga mat is not grippy?
For our Natural Cork Yoga MantraMat the mats grip will increase when wet. It will decrease if the cork gets excessively dry. It is important to spray the yoga mat down after each use in order for the mat to maintain its flexibility and grippy qualities. If you are slipping on the natural cork yoga mat during your practice spray down the mat with Mantratology Cleaning Mist or sprinkle with any other moisturizer (even water will work) where your hands and feet go. That will reinvigorate your yoga mats gripping qualities during your practice.

For our Natural Rubber Yoga MantraMat the mats grip will increase as you use it. Use it more and spray it down after each use with Mantratology Cleaning Mist and you should not have an issue with grippiness.

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