Brett Larkin reviews the MantraDog Natural Cork Yoga Mat and loves it!

Do you guys know Brett Larkin?

She’s an amazing yoga teacher, and she does a lot of it online. She puts out regular yoga videos on YouTube and other channels.

We sent her a MantraDog Yoga Mat with her mantra on it, Lifted and Aligned, which is super meaningful to her. And she reviewed our mat! She really likes how it has a good base cushion with the natural rubber and how grippy the cork is. She talks about trying other cork mats and in order for them to have the grip you want they need to be really wet, like if you were doing stand up paddle boarding yoga, but our mats are super grippy right out of the box!

Brett also raves about having her mantra on the mat and how special it makes the mat and the connection to her practice. Take a moment and watch the video below. Its a great review if you want to hear someone talk about what its like to use our yoga mat.


Find out why
Brett Larkin
loves her MantraMat
Cork Yoga Mat

Her Mantra:

” Uplifted & Aligned “


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