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Avi and Lisa dish on MantraDog Beginnings

Avi and Lisa dish on MantraDog Beginnings Hear how MantraDog got started Lisa is the marketer, Avi is the operations and production, and together they are MantraDog. In this short video (6 minutes) they sit down and tell all on how MantraDog got started....

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Meditation and Mantras

What's The Story With Meditation And Mantras Live Better, Live Longer, and Gain Perspective in 6 just seconds with Meditation! Mantra and Meditation do not need to go together nor are they mutually exclusive. Each can be used without the other and each can be used...

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What Is The Best Yoga Mat Cleaner

What's the Best Yoga Mat Cleaner? Prolong The Life Of Your Yoga Mat I know, I know, Savasana is done, you roll up your yoga mat, stick it in the car, most likely the trunk and head home. You go about the rest of your day or evening or whatever. And then a day, a week...

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Why use a Cork Yoga Mat

Why Make A Yoga Mat Out of Cork? That's the number one question I get asked: Why a Cork yoga mat? I love when I have the opportunity to talk with people in person about our cork yoga mats. Inevitably the question on everyone’s mind is, what makes your mat better and...

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How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat Best Practices For Cleaning Any Yoga Mat So you’ve heard that you should clean your yoga mat, but you're not exactly sure what that really means? Here are step-by-step instructions for how to clean your yoga mat. Unroll your yoga mat fully...

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How To Find Your Perfect Yoga Mat

What to look for when buying a yoga mat How to find your perfect yoga mat Yoga mats are everywhere! And, you know what, I love that. It tells me that people are doing yoga. And yoga does people good. Win-win. Now, you guys know I’m biased, I love our yoga...

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