Who is Anna?

A Note From Our Girl

My favorite part of the day is when they come home. Who you ask? ANYBODY!! When? ANYTIME!! I miss them so much when they are gone I am just so happy when they come home. The first thing we do when they get home is greet each other warmly. I fall on the floor for a belly rub and they rub it! Heaven!!

I pride myself on living in the present and enjoying and appreciating every moment. I enjoy sleeping, eating – I do prefer the table food but the food from a bag will suffice in a pinch, and messing around with the pack in general (no messing in the house though!).

I appreciate the people around me and everything they do for me. They help me bathe (I accept that this is a necessary part of living with my pack even though I don’t like it), they make me food, and they give me comfort. I am fulfilled by giving to them – I give them love, 2 listening ears, and a warm belly to rub (anytime!).

Thank you for visiting our site and my page. I would love to hear from you – dog, human, or even cat (as long as you don’t scratch me when I sniff you). My Mantra is Love, Loyalty, and Service – What’s yours?

With Love,
[email protected]


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