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About MantraDog

Here at Mantra Dog, we believe in keeping things simple, staying true to ourselves, living a centered and present life, and enjoying the people and things around us. Every day we work to know better, and to do better, than we did the day before. To us, our Mantra Dog brand represents all of that.

Our mission is to offer you the very best yoga experience with our eco-friendly, premium non-slip MantraMats, yoga gear, and accessories. Keep it simple with no customization or personalize with a custom mantra that speaks to you, whichever will enrich your personal yoga journey. We are here to support you in finding your best self, whoever that may be. We want to share our creation with you. We know you will love it.

Our mantra is Love, Loyalty, Service.

Love of yoga.
Loyalty to our people.
Service to the world.

What’s yours?

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